Storage Ottoman With Tray For Your Dorm Room

Mar 25th

Storage ottoman with tray – Storage ottoman with tray furniture tray increasingly popular because living space becomes more expensive. The current trend is oriented towards a compact life. More and more people are leaving their countryside and suburban homes and gradually concentrating in industrial cities and towns. This trend is growing because of job opportunities, better education for children and reduced transportation costs. In towns, you can get public transport rather than driving your vehicle, saving you considerable fuel costs today. This is the reason behind the growing popularity of compact furniture such as Ottoman. Not only compact, they are also multi-functional. When you buy a storage ottoman with tray, it can be used as a cupboard, bench, chair, coffee table and tray. With no armrest or back like on the couch, they are relatively light and therefore easy to move. Storage ottoman with tray is perfect for dorm rooms, small apartments, condos and small homes.

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Storage ottoman with tray produced today are square, rectangular or rounded. Square and rectangular configurations are the most popular. Ottoman with straight edges is available in four basic configurations. The smallest has a square shape and is commonly called the Ottoman Cube. Next consists of two Ottoman cubes that join together. The third has three Ottoman stones joined together. This is usually called a table top ottoman. The largest is square and consists of four Ottoman stones. In most of the Ottomans, each cube has separate cushions and a separate storage area. In models with trays, each pillow can be reversed for use as an individual tray. Most of the Ottoman produced today are built with solid wooden frames and leather or synthetic coatings (such as leather). Synthetic materials include vinyl, fake leather, bi-cast skin or microfiber cloth. Ottoman with genuine leather is not as common and expensive.

Many people buy ottoman with trays. The archiving function is a resource in a compact living space. You can store anything from blankets, magazines, plates, or other items that you do not need all the time. When I stayed at the hostel, I had a storage ottoman with tray with 2 units. I use the storage cube to put my blanket and the other for the book. It was very comfortable. The use of an upside-down pillow as a tray is priceless. You can put drinks, food, and coffee without having to use another tray. This is very useful when watching a soccer or basketball game. Several of all types can be found online. There may be a big difference in the price for the same model made by the same manufacturer.

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