Simplest Studio Apartment Ideas

Aug 28th

Simplest Studio Apartment Ideas – To make the most of the space in your apartment, choose design elements and furniture that serves a double purpose, and find decor that creates an illusion of openness and extra space. Bright accents; to add color to your studio apartment, do so in small series against a pale palette. Remember, too many colors in a small room can be chaotic. The color is easy to add in accent pillows, chairs, lamps, art, or vases.

Lofted bed

You might consider putting a simple loft to increase floor space without sacrificing the comfort of bedroom simplest studio apartment ideas. If you have basic carpentry skills, you can create a loft in an afternoon of 2-by-4 inch boards and major planks to form a base. The ceiling is no need to change the structure of the apartment and can be painted any color you choose to match the apartment decor.


One of the main constraints to consider when designing simplest studio apartment ideas is storage space. To this end, the furniture looks with hidden storage space or creates your own. Instead of a traditional coffee table, for example, look for one with drawers or doors below, the additional area will allow you to reduce clutter, which can make a small apartment look smaller.

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