Simple Headboards for Adjustable Beds

Jan 20th

Making headboards for adjustable beds is much simpler than the task suggests. Headboards can be made of almost any subject, which gives you many options for your design. Once you choose a design style and color coordination, look around your house for items that can be reused or pick up supplies for one from scratch. Activate architectural features around the home in a double headboard.

A shoji panel placed on the side above the bed becomes a new header, or use an old door instead. Support several screens or doors vertically at the head of the bed to create headboards for adjustable beds. An old stained-glass window glued to the wall of the bed gives a new look, like an old chimney in the fireplace. Strip the paint of the items and the stain in the colors of your bedroom, or embellish the elements with wooden moldings for a more elaborate design.

Existing headboards for adjustable beds can be transformed into a new one with a couple of cheap tricks. Place batting, which is in the local craft store, on the headboard and a piece of fabric with a design that you like? Staple both to the back of the headboard and push the headboard against the wall so the staples are not visible. Cut a new pattern into a wooden header, making a hump design at a starting point, or eliminate the curves to create a linear header.

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