Install a Bidet Toilet Seat

Jul 22nd

So you bought your bidet toilet seat, and now you have to install it, but you are not a plumber or a contractor. No problem! Installation is very simple and you just need some common tool and about 15-30 minutes start. The first thing you need to know is the bidet stitching made to fit almost every kit out there. Businesses that purchase seamless bids like Kohler, Brondell, Coco, Toto and Bio Bidet want to make sure their products fit your claim without any customization. All the bidet seats are designed to replace the existing seats and according to your claim.

Unlike the traditional prime bidet, your bidet toilet seat does not require extra lanes, plumbers or expensive contractors, and there are no weekly adjustments of 10,000 people. Instead, you will only follow a few brief instructions and enjoy the cleaning of the watering in about thirty minutes or so. Here are the basic steps to follow: Grab the demolished chairs by removing two plastic bolts that connect the seats to the bowl. You can find it at the bottom of the bowl and more often than not, they can be removed without the need for this tool. Remove the bolt completely and remove the old chair.

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Switch the new bidet boldly into position. The holes for plastic bolts that you just released need to be fully integrated as these are the standard components. If you receive a new bolt with your purchase, use bolts, otherwise the old bolt is good. Put nuts in place and set them with your fingers, if you want to tighten again, use and plug it in but be careful not to damage the plastic. Turn the water vapor into the holding tank. As much as you can, open the top cover. Your bidet toilet seat should be equipped with flexible fittings and hoses that will replace this pipe. Connect all the pieces and tap with the cradle. You should use Teflon ribbon to make sure the connection is water-resistant.

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