Good Driver Vanity Mirror in a Car

Aug 19th

Driver Vanity Mirror – Practically all vehicles are equipped today with anti-glare mirrors , which are both a practical solution, “low technology” and very useful for driving at night. Every driver has this solution at his / her fingertips with only a movement that does not depend on complex technologies but on a simple optical effect. Let’s remember how these mirrors work:  when driving at night sometimes the lights of the cars that approach from behind bother and dazzle due to the direct reflection of their headlights. The solution is to “click” on the tab to change position: the glare disappears although you can still see what happens on the road. In addition, the exterior mirrors continue to work as always in case we need them.

The secret is that the rearview mirror is actually a prism. The outer face is normally inclined. And is of a type of mirror that reflects little light. The main mirror is inside and is the one that normally reflects almost all the light. And allows to see the “normal” images. (In the video you can see the animated explanation from 01:00). When the secondary mirror is use at night instead of the main one. Its capacity to reflect light is reduced to 4 percent. Almost all the light bounces off the main mirror. And very little reaches from the secondary to the driver’s eyes. For this reason the bright light of the headlights is reduce to mere small lights that allow to see the other vehicles, but without suffering the glare.

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Side mirrors: Used to observe the left and right angles on the direction of movement, properly accommodated. And used before making the lane change maneuver, you can avoid an accident. The field of vision of a human being is almost 180 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. So from the driver’s position only forward and sideways vision of the vehicle is availabl. These are the areas that only the driver would see without the support of the mirrors. As such, these components become essential safety elements in the vehicle.

Collisions involving cars, pedestrians, motorcycles or bicycles, on the road, occur. Because at one point one of these elements is in a trajectory beyond the reach of the driver’s vision, called blind spot. For this reason the different vehicle manufacturers do not stop implementing in their advance models technologies that contribute to make vehicles safer. And that are equipped with safety systems that help to reduce accidents on the roads.

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