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Feb 18th

Before deciding if you are going to upholster full grain leather sofa or buy a new one, you should consider the cost and condition of the current sofa. If you have purchased a sofa with a quality construction at a high cost, you can choose to upholster the sofa instead of buying another expensive sofa. You could also sell a new sofa, slightly used to offset some of the costs and buy a new sofa that best suits your new decor.

If your full grain leather sofa contains low-end construction, replacing it will usually be less expensive than reupholstering. If you have owned a sofa for many years and it has a sentimental value, the cost of upholstering the sofa in front of the purchase could not be important. Look at the construction of the sofa. If it was purchased as a quality sofa and all the springs, the shock absorbers are made of hard wood and still intact, then it will be worth it to upholster the sofa.

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You could even find the fabric that comes close to the look of the original. Often, high-quality full grain leather sofa, such as one that has had for many years, have been suspended or raised in price considerably, making reupholstering a good option.

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