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Aug 16th

Decorative mail organizer – Incoming mail is one of the most common contributors to the paper clutter in most homes. Every day e-mail comes in, and it always seems to wind up in a heap on the kitchen table or dining table to be dealt with later. By the time you get around to dealing with it, the deck is overwhelming and you are worried that something in that pile may have been missed.

If any of that sounds all too familiar to you, you need a new system for handling incoming decorative mail organizer. This do-it-yourself post organizer maybe just something to inspire you to keep your email organized and prevent a pileup. Cover the front and back sides of an accordion file with wallpaper that either fit your interior or just to suit your taste. Use glue to attach the paper to file. Create a label for each class of mail, which you will need to sort out. Attach the labels to cover any existing printing that can be accordion file tabs. If your labels are not self-adhesive, for applying glue to attach them.

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Copy paper trimmings from the randomly sized pieces no wider than the width of the concertina file dividers, from the side of the tab to the opposite end of the concertina file. Use things like magazine pages, scrap booking paper, stickers, doilies, old book pages or something you find attractive and decorative mail organizer. Fold the paper scraps left over the top of accordion file divider, allowing some of the paper hanging down on both the front and back sides of the dividing line. Attach the paper trimmings for separator sheets with adhesive.

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