Decorating Graduation Cap Ideas

Jul 30th

Decorating graduation cap may be a good to celebrate the graduation. Graduation is the last time you will meet your friends, it is also the best time that you have after you study for years. This is the beautiful event and one of the best moments you have. Therefore, it is a good idea to decorate the graduation cap to have the memorable graduation ceremony. There are many ideas of the decoration that you can apply to the cap.

Here are some ideas that can inspire you to apply one of them. First idea is if you love a minimalist and formal design, you can choose the solid design of the cap. Some of you may not like this one, then go to the second idea. Second idea is show the bling. You can use the logo and other symbol that you create with the light color so people will easily look at the cap. Third idea is sharing ideas. It means that you can share the gratitude to your dad and mom and also friends by writing the cap with the thanks words.

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The fourth idea is thinking about the team. You can decorate the cap of the graduation with the favorite team. Sure you have the favorite teams in your side such the football team, or your own team. For girl, you may choose the decoration of your cheerleaders’ team colors, symbol and others. Fifth idea is say the rocking words. This can be interesting, you can write on the cap with ‘The End’, ‘Game Over’, ‘Finally…’ and more.

It is a good idea when you can decorate the graduation cap that it will show your personality. For this, you can start with your superheroes. You may choose the legend such as Superman logo with color design and more. You can also have the same design and color with your team. Get all of your best friends have one design of the caps.

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