Decorate With Round Vanity Mirror

Aug 26th

Round Vanity Mirror is the most popular choice, decorating with circular mirrors gives an elegant and unexpected touch to your home decor. Circle mirrors are usually used in bathrooms above the sink, but they are suitable for hanging in any room in your home. Mirrors make a space feel bigger and lighter, and circular frames can either have a traditional or very modern look. Follow these basic design principles to incorporate round mirrors into your furnishings.


Select a location for your round mirror. Its dynamic shape will draw attention, so careful placement is necessary. Use the mirror to accentuate the focal point of the room. For example, in the living room in focus can be the fireplace, while in the bedroom it is the head of the bed. Adding a round mirror above the focal point improves it and makes the room feel balanced. Shop for mirrors that fit the interior of your home. Mirrors can seem quite neutral objects, but they are in a surprising amount of styles. If you like the look of vintage, consider buying a circular sunburst mirror. A whimsical mosaic framed mirror borders a room with eclectic decor. Round mirrors with a braided frame are ideal for a nautical themed bathroom.

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Also show the scope of the space where you want to hang the mirror. Large round mirrors work well in open spaces with high ceilings, but can overwhelm a smaller space. Carefully hang your round mirror. If the mirror is very large, ask a friend or family member to help you. Does he or she keep the mirror in place so that you can stand over the room and be sure that it is positioned at the right height and centered above the focal point? Balance your round mirror with angled accents. Does not compete with a round mirror by adding other round or curved items in the room. Instead, choose accents that are more linear to the shape, such as numbers of candle holders on a cloak or a low rectangular couch below the round mirror.

Tips and warnings

Study Feng Shui theories behind the mirror location de. Circular mirrors lack sharp angles, which contribute to the tranquility of a space. If a full-round mirror reminds you too much of a ship’s cabin valve, consider using an oval mirror instead of a softer, more subtle effect. Select an odd number of mirrors in varying sizes and group them asymmetrically. Incorporate circular mirrors in your furnishings without focusing on them. Betting on smaller mirrors like accents, such as a round makeup mirror or decorative hand mirror appears on a vanity top. Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other as it can create a never-ending reflection effect. Instead, place a mirror opposite a window so it reflects natural light and makes the room feel bigger.

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