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Aug 21st

Corner Desk Idea – A corner is an ideal place for a workplace. You are not disturbing traffic through the room and the view is not suitable for being distracted. However, triangular desks are not as easy to find as rectangular. Fortunately, you can build a triangular desk yourself in an afternoon, plus a couple of hours for the color to dry.


Cut the plywood blades to the correct dimensions. Cut plywood Corner Desk Idea along the diagonal, creating two right angled triangles. Set a triangle aside. You will not use it, but you may want to keep it by mistake. Sand all surfaces in your wood until it is level enough to avoid splitting. Place the two, 30-inch square pieces of plywood in an L shape, at the end of a square adjacent to the other. Glue in place.

Reinforce with a row of eight evenly distributed nails. Let dry. Place the plywood triangle on top of L. The outer edges of the Corner Desk Idea should be level with the edges on the straight sides of the triangles. Glue in place. Reinforce with a row of eight evenly distributed nails along each plywood square. Let dry. Putty over nail heads along all three rows of nails. Use kittens too to smooth over any cracks or bumps in the wood. Let dry. Sand of any excess putty or wood degrees that occurred during construction.

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