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The Legend of Tarzan

The film was released on July 1st, 2016 in USA. The genre is drama/action with 1h 50m duration. The story is about Tarzan who lives in Victorian England. He is married with Jane and uses the name of John Clayton III. A treacherous Leon Rom who envoy for King Leopold lures Tarzan to come to Kongo. This is where the story begins. It turns out that he killed the son of chief Keewazi, the leader of Waziri tribe. It was not without reason but because Kolunga the son of chief Keewazi has killed Tarzan’s Ape mother first. So this is about vengeance after vengeance.

In the Box Office, 356.7 million USD has been earned. The Legend of Tarzan is a lot of fun, adventure, romance and adrenaline. There are beautiful forests, natural landscapes, digital animals and more. Well, there are pros and cons about this movie. And, we are discussing them with you.


Where is the original story of Tarzan? The real Tarzan would not love to stay a long time in the city. Jungle is his home sweet home where every single day is an adventure. I mean, Tarzan in a suite? Oh come on! This is simply not right for the story relatively to the king of the jungle. Well, apparently many viewers love it at all due to uniqueness and distinctive story line.

When it comes to optics, this Tarzan has always the bad one. I do not mean to be racist but hey it is so obvious. Except his childhood which was raised by apes and turned into a wild man. Although it is impossible and irrational, the story is not too hard to accept at all.

Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan has given the character a very good attraction. The diamond-cut muscles of his are indeed an attraction to the big-screen. It is a part of the allures to expose to audiences. I say just “nice”.

Leon Rom with his beaded talisman, he seems so powerful with it at his hands. I mean he is like an expert of martial art with talisman stuff. Even the mighty Tarzan cannot stand against him. Strangled and choked Tarzan looks helpless. But well, he is the hero in the story so it would not be funny at all to see him defeated.

One of the most exhilarating scenes is that the flock of wild the beast rumbling to destroy Leon Rom’s port house. It is so much. Another scene is where Tarzan fighting Akut. It is just awesome although only a few minutes scene.

Underworld: Blood Wars

This movie is one of the most awaited by moviegoers. Since its first sequel in 2003, it has been making action/adventure movies combined with horror more thrilling. It was released on January 6th 2017 in USA, Underworld: Blood Wars has reached 81.1 million USD in the Box Office. The theme is about the wars between two races, Lycan and Vampire. The main character here is Selene as a Death Dealer which played the role by Kate Beckinsale. She is against both Lycans and Vampires who betrayed her. Allies are David (Theo James) and Thomas (Peter Andersson).


So what are the comments about this movie? I love to see the classy black-leather badass. I think it is more playful with guns and swords to settle the old-feud for centuries between the races. The fights are just nice with quite fabulous scenes especially, the cage-fight between Selene and Marius. Although there’s a drama in the scene, it ended furiously. It was so horrified to see the spine of Marius pulled out easily just like that. Well, it is quite great to see such of it.

What I am curious about are the fate of Michael Corvin and Eve. It is too bad that Michael died and his blood all drained. About Eve, where was she? I believe the movie would be more intriguing with the existence of her. More drama is certainly a thing for sale in the movie whether she’s dead or alive in this sequel. Let us see whether the next one (5th sequel) shows character of Eve or not.

Underworld: Blood Wars full movie is 1h 33m. The time should enough for watching. However, it is constructed in a poor quality. It has failed to engage in any impactful manner in audiences. Many of choppy editing and close-ups make the screen hard to keep track. They are by design to hide poor works of stunts. However, Karl Walter Lindenlaub the Cinematographer has been done a great job in every scene with low lights. His works make the movie shrouded in darkness. This makes it impossible for a 3D version.

Messy and sloppy narrative makes this Underworld: Blood Wars a poor one. Noteworthy performances are caused by bland and uninteresting players. Connecting with audiences is a fail. However, Kate Beckinsale proves that she is the ideal for the cool action heroine including in this movie.

In short, there is nothing new to say in this sequel. It is unlikely that the movie to move the positive direction for this series.

Maybe you should watch Aladdin

Walau sebenernya udah ga musim, kemaren gua nonton Aladdin karna emang belum nonton sama sekali hehe. Kebetulan di Transmart ada jam tayang ulang, daripada penasaran akhirnya nonton juga.

I have something in my mind, dulu waktu kecil juga sering nonton Aladdin. Paling ceritanya bakalan sama kaya gitu.

But, semua itu berubah pas gua nonton.

Sepanjang film gua nebak – nebak film ini (Ah ini pasti bakalan kek gini nih, udah ini bakalan ini neh) and you know what ? Ngga Anjirr, beda.

Ceritanya dikemas lebih modern dan penonton dibawa ke alur cerita naik turun, terdapat beberapa conflict yang banyak orang ga nyangka endingnya bakalan sekompleks itu.

Aladdin memiliki scene comedy yang renyah dan visual real grafis yang memukau, Pokoknya film ini manjain mata banget deh.

Seperti film animasinya, Jika kalian menoton film ini. Kalian akan disuguhkan drama musical disetiap in frame tokoh.

Simplenya, Mereka dikit dikit nyanyi, kalo ada masala tuh.

Overall enjoy banget selama 1 jam setengah dan gua rasa worth it banget jika kalian nonton film ini.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

This is one of most awaited movies by moviegoers around the globe. It was firstly released on December 13th 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. I am personally as a fan of the series. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson, this movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has earned 307 million USD in the Box Office. Milla Jovovich is the main character who plays the role as Alice.

In this series, we can see how the T-virus unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corp. The infestation of zombies in every corner of the globe is the result of such satanic deed. There are even demons and monsters enraging. As a rouge warrior in the movie, Alice has to fight and put the infestation of zombies, monsters and demons to an end for good. This time, the Red Queen helps her in the struggle.

This video-game inspired franchise movie series could easily continue to another one. Well, I could say that but as the title suggests, it is the end of it.

For you who have been following the movie series since 2002, this one is certainly the end of story to watch. If you are lovers, then you would say “oh no, it’s over”. I would like to see the next one as if the franchise was a serial movie.

Well, there is nothing perfect at all including this one of my favorite movies. In Resident Evil: Retribution, the big battle did not turn so well. In fact, Alice meets her old foe “The Red Queen”. Well, the movie tells that the artificial intelligent program was Alice figure when she was a little girl. The Red Queen wants Alice to return to the hive. The mission is to obtain a vial of “airborne virus”. It has the ability or power to counteract the T-virus which kills for good. However, it mission is not that easy to accomplish.

I also surprisingly find out that there are three Alices. The technology of clone makes it happen. Another surprise is about the evil doctor too that he has also clones.

When it comes to action scenes, some of hand-to-hand combats are exciting. They are undeniably impressing audiences with kinetic athleticism. Many fiery explosions often appear to the unconvincing and expensive ones. Well, what can I say since these things are the elements of action movies around the globe.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is not the coolest series after all. I personally prefer the Resident Evil: Apocalypse more than other series including this one.

Warcraft: The Beginning

This movie was released on June 10th 2016. Although as a year-ago film, it was one of best fantasy/action choices by moviegoers. Its duration is 2h 3m which features Warcraft song. By spending budget around 160 million USD, the franchise has earned 433.7 USD in the Box Office. This video game inspired movie tells story about Clans or Orcs who are looking for a new world to live from their dying world. Gul’dan, the orc shaman utilizes green magic to make a portal which opens to human realm of Azeroth. After the story is about to end, it turns that the portal is also opened from inside by human wizard, Medivh. He supposed to be the protector of Azeroth.

Fierce fights by Blackhand, Durotan and Guldan on orc’s side with Anduin Lothar and King Llane on human’s side. Although orcs are bigger and stronger, humans can stand against them after all.

Durotan son of Garad, the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan has to follow his heart. He dislikes the green magic “Fell” of Gul’dan which devastates the surrounding each time of use. And by that, he desires an alliance with the humans to take down Gul’dan. But in the way making the treaty, he and his clan are ambushed by other orc clans below Gul’dan. It makes him, his family and Frostwolf clan in the verge of annihilation.

Eventually, Durotan challenges Gul’don into the sacred battle tradition Mak’gora. The fight shows equality of their powers. But Gul’dan cheats by using his green magic “The Fell”. This is even more pushed because the portal to orc’s world is opening. Durotan dies, sucked out all of his life energy in the hand of Gul’dan.

I think the cinematography of this film is just nice especially the orcs like in the gaming. The mix between human and orc and other exotic creatures looks fantastic. The movie should earn at least a nomination for best cinematography.

All random stories are brought and managed in a well quality. Every frame is passionately crafted impressively. The central of the plot in Warcraft: The Beginning is about the Frostwolf chieftain Durotan son of Garad. I believe that the next series is about his son who grows from an ugly little green marimo into a strong warrior just like his father. Let us see that in Warcraft 2. I hope it would be more exhilarating than this series. I am a fan of this kind of movie.

Kong: Skull Island

One character that makes me open my eyes is that “Loki” (Tom Hiddleston). He plays the role as Captain James Conrad in Kong: Skull Island. Born on February 9th 1981, this English actor appeared in West End theatre productions at the beginning of his career. He is also a producer and musical performer. In this 2017 Kong, it is included into fantasy/science fiction movies. The duration is 2 hours. It was released on March 10, 2017 with 185 million USD budget.

The story is about adventurers which include soldiers and scientists who explore a mythical uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Eventually, the adventure is cut off from everything they expected after entering the mighty Kong’s domain. It is where humanity does not belong. It eventually leads to the ultimate battle, a battle between nature and man. And, everyone should have to survive by escaping from a primal world.

One of the differences from other Kong movies is that the entire scenes are on Kong’s jungle island. There is no skyscraper where Kong climbs up and gets fired by planes. Let us say that this film is less ambitious than other series.

This Kong: Skull Island is a good remake after watching it. It shows us all about wide-eyed amazement of primal world. Kong is the king of the jungle island while the real monsters are living below ground. What kind of monsters are they actually. They do not look like dinosaurs at all. I see them more like mutated worms with two legs and sharpened mouth full of teeth. The fights between Kong and the monsters are extraordinary. This is due to a very good and creative cinematography. The military adventurers make the better fights with all monsters that are up against. This is a plus.

The set is in 1973, you can see that by taking a look at the model of the choppers and guns. The clothes are not very much different from nowadays’ trend. I personally prefer the 2005 Kong to the latest one in matter of sceneries and coloration. The older is brighter.

Primeval wonder is shown in this King Kong movie for the first and foremost. Array or giant creatures make the watcher of the movie to pop eyes. One of most exciting scenes is when a giant buffalo/wild the beast comes out of water. If it was in 3D, it would just be amazing to watch.

I think this is a very good movie of 2017 which should earn an award as best cinematography. Yes, it is!

Suicide Squad Review

They are all expandable figures. They form a team of dangerous and villainous individuals. It consists of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo and more. 2h and 17m make this movie quite a long one to watch. There are intrigue, drama, love and conspiracy poured. It was released on August 1, 2016. Action and comedy mix together.

The story is about super criminals who formed a suicide squad. The mission was to stop “Enchantress” from building a weapon that could destroy the Earth. Well, each story always has its own lines including the bad guys and the good guys. Between self-interest or focusing on the mission, they are crazy enough to take on the mission.


The plot holes leave a head-scratch. You can see less drama and half-baked support of the characters. However, the story is straightforward without any complicated thing except the love-story between Harley Quinn and Joker. There are slick pieces of action set, zany dark comedy moments, and gripping beats of characters.

Among all super-villains, Deadshot and Harley Quinn are most notable. To the role of becoming the Deadshot, Will Smith has succeeded of bringing his charm and chops of action. A sympathetic entry point is to the movie very well. Thanks to him.

Harley Quinn which played by Margot Robbie is a deranged-minded character. However, she’s quite aware of the assignment given to her and the team. Yes, she’s in the dangerous effort to save the world that hates a-kind-of-her. Harley has succeeded in bringing the dynamic performance with bubbly comedy physically. Thanks to her.

The visual effect and design are striking especially in scenes of Enchantress. Among all figures, I think that Killer Croc is an awkward addition to the plot. I do not know but, he should not be in this movie at all.

Another deranged story of this movie is about the strong relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. It seems that these two nuts deserve each other well. It is messed up yet captivating relationship in the story of comics brought to the big screen, I suppose.

The Suicide Squad is the reverse version of superhero movies. Colorful costumes and dulling glossy visuals are shown by the costumes. You can watch the movie in 3D and 3D IMAX. However, very dark is unavoidable. In 3D, we can experience a bigger screen with a better sound just like any superhero blockbuster. Well, it might be better sticking to 2D screen at the moment.

Spoiler dan Kesan Nonton Captain Marvel

Untuk yang ngikutin film series marvel kalian wajib nonton ini

Karena semua begitu sangat cerah ketika kita bertanya tanya siapa yang bisa mengalahkan thanos di film infinity war sebelumnya.

Disini gua ngga bakalan ngasih spoiler yang jelas ini over power banget nih si kapten marvel.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a very exciting science fiction movie with action. Its duration is 3h 3m which very long to watch. The story is about 2 years after the great battle between Superman and General Zod. It destroys the city of Metropolis and causes life loss. It has been making many people around the globe to feel angry and helpless at the same time.

What makes the fight between Superman and Batman is that a crime-fighting Bruce Wayne the billionaire was unsure that Superman no superhero of earth realm. This is why making Batman to battle Superman by using Kryptonite as the only weakness of the Man of Steel. The fight is just cool but Batman’s fighting skill and power are nothing at all to Superman.

The movie was released on March 20th 2016. It was a year ago. By spending 250 million USD for the budget, the movie gains 872.7 million USD. What a franchise of DC Comics to rival Marvel Comics. Director Zack Snyder is the man.

The story is horrible to me, especially about the Dark Knight who shows brutality. The tortures and branding criminals like cattle are just intolerable for a superhero. Bad Batman! Even more, he doubt on Superman. Feeling insecure, Batman has a plan to defeat and murder the Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor is quite insane in this movie. His character shows thirst of knowledge, extortion and disrespect. By his hands, Superman has to face Doomsday. The monster created from the dead body of General Zod, Kryptonian Genetic Engineering and Luthor’s blood. The purpose of Doomsday born is to kill Superman only. Well, although stronger than the Man of Steel, Doomsday cannot easily kill him. In fact is that Doomsday himself has the same weakness, the green Krypton stone.

When fighting Doomsday, Superman is not alone. There are Batman and Wonder Woman. Well, Batman cannot do much in the fight unlike Wonder Woman. I love the fighting scenes. They are so extremely exhilarating just like ones in Superman: Man of Steel between Superman and General Zod. It seems like watching fights in Dragon Ball.

This Batman v Superman is believed to be the first movie to step up to “Justice League”. It is a group of DC Comics’ superheroes. It is just like the Avengers of Marvel Comics but I believe much stronger. DC Comics superheroes can beat Marvel Comics in one-on-one fight. I bet!

X-Men: Apocalypse

To be honest, this is one of my favorite movies in 2016. In fact, the whole series are just amazing. I love the characters of Jean Grey, Storm, Magneto, Mystique and most of all, Wolverine. But this post is only about X-Men: Apocalypse. There are no Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit and many others. This X-Men series only include Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast and some more. The main bad guy to fight is Apocalypse. He was the very first mutant so called in the story. He has some different magnificent powers like transporting, healing and enhancing other mutants’ powers. Apocalypse gained the powers by moving mind and spirit to other mutants’ body. By that, ruling the powers is absolute.

The story of X-Men: Apocalypse is about the awakening of Apocalypse or En Sabah Nur after thousands of years. As the immortal and the most powerful mutant in the world, Apocalypse wants to create a world of his own. To achieve his purpose, he recruits Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and more powerful mutants. He even enhanced their powers to become much stronger to rely on.

For a 2h 27m, this movie is quite messier and heavier than the previously X-Men: Days of Future Fast. Well, as a common moviegoer, people would think that the movie is fantastic. They could say that by seeing its cinematographic and some action scenes. Personally, I love the fighting scenes too especially the fights on the ship. Gosh, Psylocke is really cool with her laser saber. Just love her action scenes. If only she were a personnel of X-Men.

I have no comment on Apocalypse’s powers. He is super strong and apparently X-Men almost unable to stop him. Thanks to Jean Grey the most, Apocalypse is finished.

I love the beauty Jennifer Lawrence but in this movie X-Men, she makes Mystique grim more unrelentingly than ever. This super power Katniss Everdeen just lack of fighting scenes. I was disappointed by her role as Mystique.

For such messy and heavy movie, the X-Men: Apocalypse has gained more than 543.9 million USD in the Box Office with only budget around 178 million USD. The result showed that X-Men series are always awaited by the fans around the globe.

Personally, I consider this movie is interesting yet frustrating at the same time. I do not know about you guys, but everyone is free to share thoughts.