Beautiful Decorative Kitchen Towels

Aug 18th

Decorative kitchen towels – kitchen or bath towels make it an ideal fabric for crafting because they are thick and come in a variety of colors. Even if you do not have sewing skills, there are crafts that you can make using towels or kitchen. Find the project that fits your desires and create something clever with towels.

Use hand paintings in the colors of the kitchen and make a literal decorative kitchen towels “hand” for your kitchen with the footprints of children. This hand towel can be created with a kitchen hand towel or plain plush linen towel dish. Fabric paints meet in the desired colors, paper plates, brush 1 inch wide, paper towels and a sheet of waxed paper. Place wax paper on a surface and extend the hand towel on waxed paper.

Place a small amount of the desired fabric paints on paper plates and choose a color to start. Paint a thin coat of paint on the palm of someone’s hand and then apply hand painted in decorative kitchen towels. Remove paint hand with soap and water and repeat with other colors and other hands until the towel is full of handprints. Allow the fabric paint curing, as indicated on the product label. This will likely involve letting it air dry for 48 hours. Be sure to wash the towel as recommended by the product.

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