Add Depth to Your Curtain Hardware

Mar 23rd

Curtain Hardware – Window valances are short curtains that hang over the top of your curtains and hide your curtain hardware. They are often used along with curtains to add depth to your window treatments. They fit on a double curtain rod that allows them to be hung separately from the main curtain. They are not used for shade or privacy like normal curtains; they only provide decorative accents on the existing curtains. They are not hard to make if you have time. Different styles are balloons, pleats and stolen mosquito nets, all of which can actually add layers to your curtains.

In this article, we will provide information on curtain hardware. The best way to describe bed nets is to think of curtains hung in the kitchen at the back door. These mosquito nets often have stolen goods. It is part of a longer mosquito net on the sides than the rest of the mosquito net and partially covers the window so that about two-thirds of the panel is closed. Other areas where you can hang valances for windows are bay windows, French doors, palladium windows and even your living room.

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When dressing curtain hardware with window netting treatments you do not need to put the arch. These are often left unadorned and the window right underneath will have a curtain. Bay window is slightly different. They need every part of the window to be dress separately and use leash pouches to hang the curtains.

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