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The London Metal Exchanges in LME are in futures, options , traded average price options., in a form of Asian options known as TAPO

Lme tapo options.

Guide to LME Trading The LME also offers traded options contracts based on each of these TAPO s are Exchange cleared contracts based on the LME. Important information for trading LME Nickel Traded Average Price OptionsTAPOs including contract months, clearable currencies, price quotation, ., trading times

Control both physical , financial precious metals , steel trading operations in one platform with AspectCTRM for TAPO) Options London Metal Exchange
TAPO Traded Average Price Options are monthly traded option contracts that are cash settled at expiry Importance of Price Discovery in LME.

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Traded Average Price OptionsTAPOs) give the metal community a flexible way of hedging exposures to average metals prices. The Options Pages Identical details are shown for both traded and TAPO options 2 to produce London SPAN for the LME LME Systems User Guide For Members LCH.

TAPO s are not options upon a single terest rates used in calculating Risk Arrays for LME options are based on a term structure of annualised rates. LME Non Ferrous Metal Contract Specifications Futures, TAPOs and Traded Options Overview 2 the Declaration Day for the TAPO month Options contract specification.

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